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  1. How to calculate the volume
  2. How to calculate the volume of the aquarium under the fish
  3. Calculation by measuring capacity
  4. Calculation by the formula
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Quite often is the situation when the decision to purchase an aquarium arises due to the fact that this or that fish was particularly liked. Or, the water world becomes the decoration of a particular room. Based on its size and characteristics of the situation, are selected and the size of the container. In both cases, the required calculation of the aquarium. In the first version, you need to understand what capacity will be needed for a certain number. aquarium fish of a specific species, and in the second case, an understanding is required of which living creatures and in what quantity, respectively, can be populated with the chosen “fish house”. But, in any case, will have to be considered.

How to calculate the volume

The approach to how to calculate an aquarium directly depends on its geometric shape . As is known, most often the reservoirs for artificial reservoirs are made rectangular or square. In both cases, it is worthwhile to multiply the length of all their sides together. But when you get to the height of the aquarium, remember that you should not take all of its geometric length, but only to the level to which water will be poured. To get the displacement from cubic centimeters, divide the resulting value by 1000.

With a round aquarium harder. Here, strange as it may sound, it is easier to measure the volume by a banal pouring of water. There are, of course, formulas, but it is long and tiring to indulge in such complex geometric calculations. The same applies to containers, in which one of the walls has a slight convexity. It does not apply calculations, as for a square or a rectangle.

If you need an exact value regarding the displacement of the tank, you need to take into account its filling. After all, when there are 3-4 pots with plants on the bottom, several large stones or some other decor lie, then all this automatically reduces the volume of water in the aquarium. The easiest way is to put everything in a vessel of a known volume and gradually fill it with water, adding a liter or a half liter. As soon as the tank is filled, the difference between its volume in the empty and in the filled form will be equal to the volume of water that is replaced by these aquarium objects.

How to calculate the volume of the aquarium under the fish

Reading the description aquarium fish surely comes across information regarding their need for
Reading the description   aquarium fish   surely comes across information regarding their need for   free space free space. And here everything is simple - you just need to multiply the number of fish of one species by the requirements for the free engine capacity to get the minimum volume of the aquarium. It is also worth considering that sometimes for breeding a pair of fish may need more space than for simple living within the same artificial reservoir.

Buying an aquarium is logical, and the easiest way is just to ask about its volume. In pet stores they are sold along with booklets containing short description and product description. Sometimes this information is put on a sticker on one of the walls of the aquarium. It is logical to start in the choice of fish from the aquarium volume indicated in the description.

What does 20% of aquarium water mean?

Consider examples.
If you have a 45-liter aquarium, 20% of 45 l = 0.2x45 = 9 l. Take the usual measuring cup, for example, 0.5 l, and collect 18 cups of water, which will be 20%. Now mark the water level in your tank with a marker or another method. In the future, you can navigate this tag.

Another example. You do not know how many liters in your tank. Take a ruler or a measuring tape, measure the height of the vertical side of the aquarium (from the bottom to the water level) and multiply it by 20%. For example, most small aquariums are about 30 cm high, the water level reaches 24 cm. In this case, 20% of 24 cm = 0.2x24 = 4.8 cm. Measure 4.8 cm from the water level and mark this place with a marker on surface of the aquarium.

Remember that replacing 20% ​​of water with a tap is usually safe even without special air conditioners, and replacing more water can harm aquarium inhabitants, even when using special preparations . In this case, it is better to replace 20% of the water twice a week.

How many liters in my tank?

On many drugs and drugs it is recommended to add some amount of money to a certain amount of water. Therefore, it is very important to know the exact volume of the aquarium. If you do not know him, use our advice and calculate it yourself.

Measure the aquarium from the left to the right edge. For example, let its length be 45 cm.

Measure the aquarium from the bottom level to the top edge (high). For example, take a height of 30 cm.

Measure now the width of the aquarium (from front to back). For example, a width of 30 cm.

Then multiply these three sizes. In our example, we get 45x30x30 = 40,500 cubic cm. Now this number should be multiplied by 0.001 to get liters. In our example, we get 40500h0.001 = 40.5 l.

Slight amendment

Almost every aquarium has large stones , a layer of gravel and other items that reduce the amount of water in the aquarium. Of course, you can collect all these items, put them in a basin of a known volume and try to calculate the volume of all these items using water manipulations. All these calculations are quite complicated, but at the same time very interesting. So if you have plenty of free time, you can try to measure the exact amount of water in your tank. However, in most cases it is quite enough to use the formula that was given above.

Novice aquarists do not calculate the volume of the aquarium before settling. Such a gross mistake becomes the reason that the reservoir will be overpopulated so that the fish after the settlement will quickly die. The exact volume of the aquarium is needed when entering into the water drugs . If you pour them more, you can ruin your pets, and if it is less, there will be no result from the therapy. The definition of capacity is given due attention.

  • roulette,
  • calculator,
  • paper,
  • pencil.

Knowing how to calculate the formula, which are still at school, the volume of the geometric body, determine the volume of the reservoir. But he is not actual. The water in the tank is not topped up to the edges, and part of the area takes the soil.

Today, rectangular domestic reservoirs are not always made. The stores sell modern fiberglass containers, the front glass of which is somewhat curved, and it is more difficult to calculate the volume. In such a situation, it is easier to use the measuring capacity. The method is applicable to any size of the reservoir.

Watch a video of aquarium size selection.

Calculation by measuring capacity

It is easy to calculate the volume of the aquarium with the help of the measuring tank. First, primer and decorative elements are laid on the bottom. With the help of the chosen measuring capacity (a liter jar, or even better, a jug with graduations) the tank is filled to the desired height. It is only important not to stray and accurately remember how many times the water was poured. Next, calculate the amount of water poured. The capacity of the measuring container is multiplied by the number of times the spills. The result will be the actual indicator of the area left for the fish.

In containers that are measured in this way, you can safely use drugs that require the most accurate dosage. Based on the capacity, occupy home pond fishes. The amount of water for each individual is determined taking into account the fact that it will grow to the maximum. The calculation method allows you to calculate the size of the home water reservoir of any shape. When it is important to know how much water is in the aquarium, this method should be used. When calculating the error is reduced to zero. If you find the capacity of the reservoir to be measured by this method, no, you do not need to recheck it.

Rectangular aquarium   Panoramic aquariums Rectangular aquarium Panoramic aquariums

Calculation by the formula

Using a simple formula, it is easy to make an aquarium calculation, only rectangular shape . Initially determine the overall size. Multiply height, width and length. The result is capacity in cubic centimeters. Then determine the capacity of the aquarium in liters. To find out how many liters in it, you need to multiply the resulting number by 0.001. Next, determine the actual displacement of the aquarium used for fish. First you need to measure at what height the capacity will be filled. It is impossible to pour water up to the top. They do not fill it with approximately 5 cm. Considering this, they count in liters of empty space, taking 5 cm for height. The resulting figure is converted to liters and taken away from the total size. The definite displacement is almost accurate.

Calculate how much space will take the ground. He, too, will take over part of the capacity. The calculation is made similar to the previous one, but only the height of the soil layer is taken for the height. This calculates the actual size. The width of the indicators in the calculation of the empty displacement does not change.

The aquarium calculator simplifies such work. Special programs for calculating the capacity of the aquarium have a similar name. In order for the program to calculate the displacement of water in the aquarium, taking into account the refinements, height is entered into it, taking into account how much water will not be added, and the thickness of the soil layer is entered separately. After that, an automatic calculation is performed. If you try, you can also find an aquarium calculator for tanks of complex shapes, but still more accurately measure their capacity in the first way. The calculator for calculating the volume of the aquarium is convenient, but if there are doubts about the result that the automatic program has calculated, we also calculate it for reliability. The calculator for calculating the volume of the aquarium is easy to find on the aquarium sites.

Some subtleties

When using the calculator, the glass thickness is not taken into account. This may seem like a small amount, but the indicator is important if you need an exact displacement. How to calculate how much space will take the glass, is not difficult. To do this, just need to take away from the volume, which has a capacity of 3%. This will help give the calculation maximum accuracy.

Equipment placed inside the aquarium also takes a part of its displacement. If this is not important, then you can not complicate the calculation. When accuracy matters, it is necessary to pre-determine how much less water will become after the installation of appliances and decor. The easiest way to do this is to immerse objects in a container filled to the brim with water, and then to see how much liquid they have pushed out. To do this, you need to calculate the volume of water that you have to top up so that the vessel will refill to the top.

To do this, you need to calculate the volume of water that you have to top up so that the vessel will refill to the top


Calculate the capacity of the aquarium and to accurately determine the weight. When the capacity is large, you need a powerful stand. Take into account, in addition to the weight of the water, and how much soil is placed in the aquarium. It is necessary to take into account the fact that after filling the aquarium with water, although the amount of soil will not change, it will be weighted by 2-3 times. Thus, the pedestal on which the aquarium stands should be of increased strength. You can not choose it, given only the weight of dry soil for the aquarium. So you do not know the weight of the tank.

Without calculating the capacity, it is allowed to populate an aquarium if its displacement is initially taken with a large margin with respect to fish, and treatment, if necessary, will be carried out in a separate tank, the displacement of which is precisely known. Professionals are extremely negative about the experience of maintaining an aquarium without knowing it. exact size , considering that this is a low level aquarist.

Interesting videos about aquarium calculations

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Who do we work with and why should we contact us?