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  1. Mobile 3000 5W40 counterfeit - front side cans
  2. Mobile 3000 5W40 counterfeit - back side cans

Good day to all! Recently, we understood How to distinguish fake oil Mobile . Today it was decided to disassemble a narrower issue, namely, how to distinguish a fake Mobil 3000 5W40 on the external signs. So let's get started.

Mobile 3000 5W40 counterfeit - front side cans

Counterfeit Mobile 3000 5W40 differs, first of all, in the quality of manufacturing canisters. The original canister is molded from plastic of good quality. On the canister there should not be any visible defects, traces of artisanal adhesions, etc. This is the most important thing to pay attention to when buying. Well, if you ever held a real canister in your hands. In this case, you can easily distinguish fake oil Mobile 3000 5W40. But even if you buy this product for the first time, you can protect yourself from counterfeit by carefully studying our article to the end.
Counterfeit Mobile 3000 5W40 differs, first of all, in the quality of manufacturing canisters
1. Cover. The cover on this Mobil oil is made in the same color as the canister. On the cover there are no defects and traces of opening. The plastic from which the cover is made has no irregularities, etc. The visible side of the lid schematically shows how to open it.

2. Fixing ring. It must be present on the canister, be the same color as the canister itself with a cork. There should be no traces of the autopsy, etc.
3. The color of the canister must be graphite. Plastic must be smooth, without roughness, but slightly dull.
4. The shape of the handle should be original, as in the figure below.
5. The seam of the canister should be flat and smooth. If you come across canisters on which there is a heterogeneous spike, then it is better to refuse to buy such oil.

6. Print quality should be without any complaints. Label images and text should be clear and even and easy to read.

7. At the bottom of the canister must indicate the Batch-code, which contains the batch number. The batch code must necessarily begin with N or G. The batch code is applied to the canisters using conventional inkjet printing, so its partial erasure is allowed.

Mobile 3000 5W40 counterfeit - back side cans

1. The label on the back of the canister must be properly glued and consist of two layers. Print quality should be at the proper level. The text should be well typed and read without any problems. The top layer should stick off well. For a fake Mobile 3000 5w40, the outer part of the label can be peeled off with the printed text of the bottom.
2. Information on the back label should be presented in four languages, namely in Russian, English, Ukrainian and Kazakh. On the top layer information is presented only in Russian and English, and in the domestic - Ukrainian and Kazakh.

3. There must be a comparative table of Mobil Super 3000 5W40 and Mobil 1 0W40 oil.
4. Images on the original Mobile 3000 5w40 should not be mirrored. For example, the arrow in the lower left corner of the canister should be directed strictly to the upper right corner. In a fake Mobile 3000 5W40, this arrow is mirrored and directed to the upper left corner.
By these simple features you can easily distinguish the fake Mobile 3000 5W40. But remember that only laboratory examination can reveal a fake for 100%. But such a procedure is expensive and the usual car owner is not always affordable. Therefore, we can only be satisfied with indirect signs and hope for good luck! Until a new meeting, no nail you and no rod!
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