Replacing wheel bearings for passenger trailers

Sooner or later, on all passenger trailers, it is time to change the wheel bearings. For those who reload the trailer, who have more wheels than the manufacturer regulates, for boat trailers the replacement of wheel bearings comes earlier than on standard passenger trailers. For example, on our MZSA trailers onboard trailers, the replacement of bearings begins approximately after 100 thousand km of run, unless of course the trailer is overloaded, dipped into water and standard wheel bearings made by German AL-KO are installed on the trailer.

The approximate period of replacement of wheel bearings on boat trailers, provided that the trailer is immersed in the water during the descent or ascent of the boat, 1.5 - 2 years.

Always before driving on the road you need to check the wheels for the presence of play in the hub bearings. Everyone probably knows that double-row not serviced hub bearings, as opposed to tapered bearings, should not have a backlash. Now, if a backlash appeared in a two-row bearing or the bearing gets very hot, for example, on the road, it means that it needs urgent replacement. In field conditions, it is possible to replace the wheel bearing on a passenger trailer, but this is quite difficult, since it will require special tools and certain skills. The hub nut with a simple open-end wrench is almost impossible to unscrew and it is also necessary to tighten it with a force of 180-200 Nm. Therefore, check your wheels on time.

Anyone can come with their passenger trailer to us for a diagnosis. Especially for you, we can build a schedule of preventive maintenance for your trailer. We can replace all wheel bearings of passenger trailers, since we have special skills and tools. For trailers MZSA we have everything spare parts and consumables .